It’s springtime in The ClubHouse!

Hey there, friends! Are you ready for a fun new season in The First Love ClubHouse?

We made some big changes at the beginning of the year, and in an effort to make The ClubHouse experience even BETTER for you, we are moving to a new platform for the spring season. If you attended Camp WannaCraft (2019) or Camp Reset (2020) and have fond memories of the Fireside Friends Forums, our new ClubHouse is going to look very familiar because we’re going back there!

Making this move will allow us to offer better opportunities for building community in accountability groups, encourage new (and continuing) friendships, and will add some fun by earning badges, trophies, and tickets for participation. You can use your tickets to “buy” trophies and and eventually printables at the prize counter— like a grown-up Chuck E. Cheese!

“What is the meaning of life?”
“What am I here for?”
“What is my purpose?”

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Allow me to tell you the answer: you and I were made to glorify and worship God. There are endless reasons to praise God, but at the heart of the matter lies this truth: worshiping God is the chief purpose for which humans were created.

Welcome to a Season of PRAISE

Spring Praise Mood Board Preview

God desires our worship, and He is the only One worthy of it. We worship God because we recognize that no other being, thing, pursuit, or pleasure is worthy of the place He inhabits on the throne of our lives. When we worship our heavenly Father, we experience fellowship and communion with Him. Worship is how we meet with God and praise Him for His goodness, love, mercy, grace, wisdom, beauty, truth, holiness, compassion, might, and every other aspect of His character.

Why Join The First Love ClubHouse?

  • Being in community with other Christian women keeps you connected to a group of faithful friends.
  • We stand on the truth of scripture alone— you won’t have to wonder if the resources shared in The ClubHouse are reliable. Our content is centered on time-tested spiritual truth.
  • You are not alone as you worship and strengthen your relationship with the Lord— we offer suggestions and guidance for growing in your faith, and an awesome community to learn from and grow with.
  • It can at times be a challenge to stay focused in your Bible study time. The First Love ClubHouse offers intentional, guided seasons of content designed to enrich and strengthen your faith walk.

We were built for fellowship and community. Our members may be in your local area or located all around the globe. Yet as we have the love of the Father guiding us and knitting us together, our community has grown closer over the last year. We have a place to ask the hard questions, to learn to discern truth from the false, to sharpen each other, and of course, to have fun and use our creative gifts. It’s truly a unique community you won’t easily find in other places on the internet.

Gain a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God

Increase your knowledge of scripture and become more discerning through Bible study



The Benefits of this Community

Strengthen your
faith and increase your trust in the Lord


Worship God through creative expression

Live a joy-filled life through faith-based living

Enjoy the blessing of belonging to a Christian community




Our mission in The First Love ClubHouse is to help our community to live this important truth and to provide tools, resources, and content to encourage you to grow in your love for God.







What's Different About The First Love ClubHouse?

Pursuing Biblical truth is our TOP priority, and because of that our resources have been carefully vetted, and our content will always point you to the Word of God.

We don’t support cultural trends, worldliness or false teaching here. We want to encourage you to live Godly, righteous lives and to abstain from evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22). The Bible says that as believers, we are supposed to separate ourselves from the world, and sometimes you need encouragement to help you do that, or a wise sister to share the truth with you.

What else sets us apart from other online communities?

“The First Love Club has been instrumental in strengthening my walk with the Lord over this past year. I have gained many new friends who also share a love of Jesus and learning more about God’s Word. The ClubHouse is well organized and incredibly fun to be a part of! I absolutely love being a part of this community!” K.A.

  1. The First Love Club offers a safe and private platform that does not utilize popular social media platforms. This is more like an oasis away from social media!
  2. A community of like-minded friends
  3. LIVE interaction with community leaders
  4. Something for everyone here-- crafters, Bible study, singing, book nerds, etc.
  5. Fresh printables included each season, including surprise bonuses!
  6. Opportunities to share and receive encouragement and prayer
  7. Variety of membership tiers to cater to all budgetary needs
  8. Truly offers the best value we've found for the amount of content provided
  9. A unique platform where small groups can gather, encouraging intimacy, discipling, and fellowship
  10. #1 goal is to glorify God in everything we do and say

What's Included in the Membership for the Spring Season?

Our theme for the spring season is “praise”. We want to highlight and celebrate all of our reasons for living lives of praise to our King of kings and Lord of lords. As we learn more about God, we will find that there are endless reasons for praising Him!

The following content is available with all levels of Membership:

NOTE: Each season is uniquely designed around a theme and special content. This season as we transition from the old pricing to the new, our continuing members will still be billed the previous price for January. You will see new pricing applied in February and March. January’s season will officially begin.

We will encourage you to renew your mind in the Word of God, and to make lifestyle choices that will please Him. We will lift each other up, encourage each other when we stumble and continue pressing forward in our efforts to become more like Christ.

*The Godly Goals Cabin is only available with an upgrade.




per month

This is our suggested price for ClubHouse membership .

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse except the Accountability Group




per month

Receive a partial scholarship if you need help with the monthly fee.

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse except the Accountability Group

Sign up now
Sign up now

We are committed to fostering a community of faith, love, accountability, and growth in The First Love ClubHouse. We do this by providing a high quality and quantity of content including printables and LIVE events. We have looked all over the internet, and have found that our prices are the lowest compared to other online communities, and that we provide far more valuable content.

Having said that, we understand that everyone has different budgetary constraints. With this in mind, we have provided financial assistance for our sisters who are currently unable to pay the full price.

You will receive immediate access upon signing up. ClubHouse membership is month-to-month and can be canceled at any time. (Godly Goals will be opening later and will be a paid cabin)

ClubHouse Only

ClubHouse Only

How Much Does It Cost?

This special group is for those looking for that all-important accountability, to help you turn your goals into reality. Whether you are focused on health goals or God-centered goals like consistent Bible reading or prayer, this group is for supporting you, cheering you on, and helping you get focused and directed so you can grow. You can exchange tips, recipes, successes and failures with women who have similar goals or circumstances.

The goal of our accountability group is to encourage you to treat your body, soul, and mind with care. We can turn to God to ask for strength to resist temptation and to renew our minds in Christ.

Godly Goals Accountability Group

This add-on package includes three months access to:

  • LIVE events for accountability, encouragement and coaching hosted by Cori.
  • Media and Resource Library for curated content on habits, healthy eating and simplicity.
  • Exclusive access to Godly Goals cabin, not available with ClubHouse membership. Instead of having individual groups or cabins, each with it's own goal, there will be ONE cabin for Godly Goals

"I absolutely love The ClubHouse. It’s a place where I have learned and grown in God’s Word. It is definitely a safe place. A place where you can share your testimonies and your life struggles. I am so glad I have The ClubHouse community. It provides the encouragement we all need in the times we are living in.” J

UPGRADE Your Membership:

Available Later in the ClubHouse

Receive 3 MONTHS ACCESS to all the features of the Godly Goals Accountability Group.


for 3 months



Accountability Group

Opens April 15

Seasonal sessions are about 3 months long. You will have immediate access to the ClubHouse upon registration and Godly Goals opens on April 15.

Hurry! Registration is only open until April 30 and won't open again until July 1, 2022. Feel free to sign up, pop in, and see what The First Love ClubHouse is all about with no obligation to stay.

How Long Does The Spring Session Last?

“I love the community feel! I love getting snippets into everyone’s life and how we all care for and encourage one another, after all we are all sisters in Christ! I also love the creative side with the seasons of faith, love the whole set up of the printables with prompts, lists, scripture writing etc! I love the seasons of crafting lives and all the clubhouse groups! I really do love it all so much!" - J.T.

“I love the community feel. It didn't feel like I was working on my own to achieve the goals I've set for the quarter. It was like we were all in this together which was wonderful. I also liked the accountability aspect as well." - R.A.

"The community is so great! There is something for everyone and there’s no pressure to do all the things or be something other than yourself, just a lot of encouragement. It’s awesome to be able to have a place to post prayer requests and posts about what God is doing (and pray for others). This is the only community I'm a part of where it's truly "my people" - God & craftiness." - W.E.

"I am so grateful to feel part of a community. I love that I can craft with a focus on God and the creative and inspiring ways that are shared by everyone. Plus, I love the beautiful and thoughtful resources we are given to use. It’s a very special ClubHouse." - G.P.

Need More Assurance that The First Love ClubHouse is Right
for You?

Ladies, this is going to be a wonderful season of praising God together! I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue gathering, crafting, and strengthening ourselves in Christ as we identify and celebrate all the reasons we have to lift high the name of Jesus! I hope you will join us in this warm and inviting community of friends!