It’s a NEW year, in an all NEW ClubHouse, with brand NEW content! Yippee!

Hey there, friends! Are you ready for some fantastic news? We love The First Love ClubHouse so much that we decided to make it even more amazing for 2022!

How could we possibly improve on something so awesome? Okay, here’s what we did: we took our favorite aspects of Camp Reset and the Harmony Retreat and folded them together into an all new membership experience. You are going to love an entire new season of activities, LIVE events, content, and crafting PLUS a fun new community crafting project/challenge to help immerse you in this season’s theme!

Our membership will become the main focus of our business and ministry. Throughout the year we will offer short, online retreats instead of our bigger camp and retreat experiences. This will keep the fun going all year long in the membership, while still being able to offer an opportunity for focused and meaningful time in a retreat experience. We hope you love the balance this creates better!

“… 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!” The music plays, confetti floats through the air, sweethearts smooch…and just like that, we blast off into a new year. We race full-steam ahead into the same goals and resolutions as last year — the goals which had all fallen apart by mid-January.

What would happen if we just slowed down? How much more successful would we be in meeting our goals if we approached them thoughtfully? Rushing through life at breakneck speed causes us to ignore the beauty of the world around us and the people God has placed in our lives. And when we are moving quickly and making plans carelessly, we begin to believe that WE are the ones in control, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Welcome to a Season of SLOW...

To help you embrace the theme of the winter season and also flex your creative muscles, we are introducing a fun project: Seasons of Faith. Keep reading… I’ll tell you more about that later!

Why Join The First Love ClubHouse?

  • Connecting with other Christian women prevents isolation and keeps you connected to a community of faith.
  • We stand on the truth of scripture alone— you won’t have to wonder if the resources shared in The ClubHouse are reliable. Our content is centered on time-tested spiritual truth.
  • You are not alone as you worship and strengthen your relationship with the Lord— we offer suggestions and guidance for growing in your faith, and an awesome community to learn from and grow with.
  • It can at times be a challenge to stay focused in your Bible study time. The First Love ClubHouse offers intentional, guided seasons of content designed to enrich and strengthen your faith walk.

We were built for fellowship and community. Our members may be in your local area or located all around the globe. Yet as we have the love of the Father guiding us and knitting us together, our community has grown closer over the last year. We have a place to ask the hard questions, to learn to discern truth from the false, to sharpen each other, and of course, to have fun and use our creative gifts. It’s truly a unique community you won’t easily find in other places on the internet.

Gain a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God

Increase your knowledge of scripture and become more discerning through Bible study



The Benefits of this Community

Strengthen your
faith and increase your trust in the Lord


Worship God through creative expression

Live a joy-filled life through faith-based living

The blessing of belonging to a Christian community




Our top priority in The First Love ClubHouse is to help our community to live this important truth and to provide tools, resources, and content to encourage you to grow in your love for God.







What's Different About The First Love ClubHouse?

Pursuing Biblical truth is our priority and because of that our resources have been carefully vetted, and our content will always point you to the Word of God.

We don’t support cultural trends, worldliness or false teaching here. We want to encourage you to live Godly, righteous lives and to abstain from evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22). The Bible says that as believers, we are supposed to separate ourselves from the world, and sometimes you need encouragement to help you do that, or a wise sister to share the truth with you.

What else sets us apart from other online communities?

“The First Love Club has been instrumental in strengthening my walk with the Lord over this past year. I have gained many new friends who also share a love of Jesus and learning more about God’s Word. The ClubHouse is well organized and incredibly fun to be a part of! I absolutely love being a part of this community!” K.A.

  1. The First Love ClubHouse is a safe, private, censorship-free place on the internet (unlike mainstream social media outlets).
  2. A community of like-minded friends
  3. LIVE interaction with community leaders
  4. There is something for everyone here-- crafters, Bible study, singing, book nerds, etc.
  5. Online weekend retreats
  6. Share and receive encouragement and prayer
  7. All budgetary needs are represented here with a variety of membership tiers
  8. We truly offer the best value we've found for the amount of content provided
  9. Our #1 goal is to glorify God in everything we do and say

What's Included in the Membership for the Winter Season?

Our theme for the winter season is “slow”. We want you to feel cozy and ready to plan out your year….slowly. As Christians, the goals we set need to be according to God’s will, acknowledging that we are under the leadership of Christ. We need to do a thorough heart-check when setting goals. We need to discern, by the scriptures and through prayer, if the goals we are setting aim to please ourselves or to bring glory to God.

The following content is available with all levels of Membership:

NOTE: Each season is uniquely designed around a theme and special content. This season as we transition from the old pricing to the new, our continuing members will still be billed the previous price for January. You will see new pricing applied in February and March. January’s season will officially begin.

We will encourage you to renew your mind in the Word of God, and to make lifestyle choices that will please Him. We will lift each other up, encourage each other when we stumble and continue pressing forward in our efforts to become more like Christ.

This special group is for those looking for that all-important accountability, so you can turn your goals into reality. Whether you are focused on health goals or God-centered goals like consistent Bible reading or prayer, this group is for supporting you, cheering you on, and helping you get focused and directed so you can grow. You can exchange tips, recipes, successes and failures with women who have similar goals or circumstances.

The goal of our accountability group is to encourage you to treat your body, soul and mind with care. We can turn to God to ask for strength to resist temptation and to renew our minds in Christ.

NEW for 2022: Our Godly Goals Accountability Group

This level of membership includes:

  • LIVE events for accountability, encouragement and coaching hosted by Cori
  • Media and Resource Library for curated content on habits, healthy eating and simplicity
  • Check-in process for keeping accountable to the group
  • Opportunities to form into small groups based on interests
  • Plus everything in The ClubHouse Membership

"I absolutely love The ClubHouse. It’s a place where I have learned and grown in God’s Word. It is definitely a safe place. A place where you can share your testimonies and your life struggles. I am so glad I have The ClubHouse community. It provides the encouragement we all need in the times we are living in.” J

UPGRADE Your Membership:

Membership sessions are about 3 months long. You will have immediate access upon registration. You can cancel at any time.

Hurry! Registration is only open until January 14 and won't open again until April 1, 2021. Feel free to sign up, pop in, and see what The First Love ClubHouse is all about with no obligation to stay.

How Long Does Membership Last?




per month

This is our suggested price for ClubHouse membership .

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse except the Accountability Group




per month

Receive a partial scholarship if you need help with the monthly fee.

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse except the Accountability Group




per month

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse PLUS exclusive access to the NEW Accountability Group which will focus on both physical and healthy goals.

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Sign up now

We are putting all of our love, energy and heart into The First Love ClubHouse community in 2022 to help you to have the best year of your life as you walk with the Lord. Our new pricing reflects the amount and quality of content, as well as printables and LIVE events. You will find our price to be the lowest compared to other online communities, and that it provides far more valuable content.

Having said that, we understand that everyone has different budgetary constraints. With this in mind, we have provided financial assistance for our sisters who are currently unable to pay the full price.

Want to help make The ClubHouse available to someone else? Contribute to our special fund that will open membership for a sister in need of help.

Pay monthly and cancel any time. All subscriptions are month-to-month and you will receive immediate access upon signing up.

ClubHouse Only

ClubHouse Only

ClubHouse + Accountability

NEW Pricing for 2022




per month
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If you have been blessed with resources and would like to pay those blessings forward to a sister in need, or further support the ministry, consider signing up for one of the options below:

ClubHouse + Accountability

ClubHouse + Accountability



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ClubHouse + Accountability




per month

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse PLUS exclusive access to the NEW Accountability Group which will focus on both physical and healthy goals.


Pay it Forward contribution of

$10 per month*

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Pay it Forward Opportunities

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse PLUS exclusive access to the NEW Accountability Group which will focus on both physical and healthy goals.


Pay it Forward contribution of

$80 per month*

Receive full access to all features of The ClubHouse PLUS exclusive access to the NEW Accountability Group which will focus on both physical and healthy goals.


Pay it Forward contribution of

$30 per month*

*Contributions made are not tax deductible.


“The Clubhouse has served as a safe space to share faith, prayers, laughter, encouragement, and of course crafting amongst friends who have turned into dear sisters. This community, along with Bible Time, has made a monumental difference in my life. It’s a place I never knew I needed.” - L.H.

“I love Bible time, so the opportunity to follow up with resources and fellowship if I wish is appealing to me. I enjoy the thoughtful presentations that are offered in the workgroups and the fun that comes along with this. Thank you so much for an affordable club that keeps me engaged with the word of God.” - L.P.

“I love the clubhouse! I’ve never been particularly fond of mainstream social media. So I love that the clubhouse is a safe and intimate space for me and others to share their love for Christ and sharing ways that we can get closer to Him. I love that I can come here and be inspired by the creativity, music, or even a new book. It’s awesome!” - R.A.

"I was drawn to bible journaling but I’m not particularly creative. Cori and the rest of the girls in the clubhouse turned out to be nerdy Bible girls and note takers just like me. I feel like I’m with people who get me and that’s very hard to come by, due to I’m a huge introvert." T.F.

"The Clubhouse is a safe and fun way to communicate with ladies all over the world!!! Seeing how they craft their Bibles and journals is inspiring!!! Jesus is the main focus in the clubhouse and sharing our interests and thoughts about Him is awesome!!!" S.D.

"Looking for the truth according to God’s Word? The First Love Clubhouse is a safe environment to study and express your creativity. We are all learning together and no one is left behind." R.F.

"This Clubhouse is amazing! It has changed my life. The members are so sweet and helpful. I have developed some really great friendships!. I have grown so much since I have joined. I even got my Aunt to join with me and she loves it!" C.M.

"Our precious clubhouse is truly blessed! Why, you wonder? It's because the focus is about strengthening our walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! My life is busy, hectic and work are hours are wicked-long! The sisterhood in our community is comprised of the most loving, sweetest sister's you'll ever meet!! I adore my sister's immensely!!The support given to each other is sincere! Come join us and you'll experience what I mean..... Be blessed!" B.G.

Need More Assurance that The First Love ClubHouse is Right for You?

Ladies, this is going to be a season of growth, fun and taking things slow and steady. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a place for gathering, crafting and strengthening ourselves in Christ.

The next three months are going to prepare us for the year and I hope you decide to join us! This is a wonderful, warm and inviting community that needs someone just like you!