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Hello and Welcome

Fellow Sojourner!

We are Mark and Cori, a husband and wife who love reading the Bible together with our wonderful family. We want you to love reading the Bible too, and experience the ways it can grow and develop you, but best of all, reveal the mighty and powerful God we call Abba Father. If you find reading the Bible boring or hard to understand, if you haven't read more than a book or two, or none at all, we hope you will consider giving Bible Time a chance. Reading in community is incredibly beneficial to us as believers, we are meant to bond over God's word and it's implications. And since we have intentionally chosen a very beginner-friendly version of the Bible, it's easier than ever for everyone to come to the table for a fresh look at the most magnificent book ever assembled.


After 700+ episodes of Bible Time with Mark and Cori, we are changing things up and giving our little ministry a makeover! After taking a little hiatus to recalibrate we're kicking things off with a whole new reading plan, a new Bible and a new purpose! We are very excited for this new adventure and hope you will join us!


After reading through the Bible a couple of times, we have decided to pursue a reading plan that will take us through the Gospels with Jesus as our field guide; we'll sit at His feet while He teaches in the evenings, and camp beside Him under the stars at night. We want to explore the Jewish foundation of our faith, so we'll bring along our Hebrew handbook to share fun facts along the journey. Be sure to pack your excavation tools for any spontaneous digs we may find along the way and lots of sunscreen!


We'll be reading from The Living Bible, which is a paraphrase. This type of Bible is perfect for reading but not recommended for study. This Bible is SO easy to understand, you will find yourself more engaged with what you are reading. You can read more about the pros and cons of paraphrases HERE. This Bible is very well known and is the "grandfather" of what we know today as the New Living Translation (NLT).

The Bible comes in TWO versions:

The Living Bible, The Way Edition:

Look for the GREEN COVER. Paperback.

Designed for a young adult/teen audience in the early 70's during the Jesus People Movement. Contains intros for each book plus photos. There are different publishing dates from the early 70's to the 80's.

The Living Bible, Reference Edition:

Brand NEW TuTone Brown/Tan Imitation Leather version HERE.

Brand New Hardback HERE.

USED versions HERE.

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We'll be reading the Bible using an interesting reading plan by Keith Ferrin designed just for beginner's. This plan will have us focused on reading the Gospels and Acts repeatedly, and will make us more adept with the foundational books of the Christian faith. After reading in this manner, we will have more confidence with the Bible and have a working understanding of the purpose and mission of Jesus Christ.

When we finish this plan we will start another. We are very excited to see the community grow in knowledge and wisdom of the Bible and the Gospels are a great place to start!



We designed a special tool for this adventure called The Bible Field Notes. The New Testament Edition is perfect for this kickoff as we will be immersed in the Gospels and Acts. This is the perfect printable notebook for documenting your observations while out in the "field" with lots of room for adding your own creative thoughts and impressions.



In addition to reading from The Living Translation, we’ll also be including fun facts from:

The Complete Jewish Study Bible: Illuminating the Jewishness of God's Word (a Messianic Bible)


We made you a reading tracker for our current adventure in the Bible! Just click the download button and it's yours!